Three Car Buying Myths

June 15th, 2016 by

Cary Buying

There are a lot of car buying myths spreading across the internet, so for the month of June, Lou Sobh Kia Cerritos would like to reveal the truth behind three ridiculous myths we hear a lot.

Myth #1 The internet is the only way to get a good deal on a new car.

The internet is a good way to research new car features and pricing. It is not a great sale tool, yet. Sites like TrueCar offer consumers ways to lock down final prices, but those prices have nothing to do with leasing, financing or trade-in prices. Besides, we encourage our customers to test drive a vehicle before they buy one.

Myth #2 Dealer financing is more expensive.

We have local business partners and OEM financing options. We can offer more pricing options and in most cases better options than if you go to a bank. With that said, the best practice is to do your research and compare rates to what we offer at our dealership.

Myth #3 You’ll save more at the end of the month.

The myth that car dealerships are more willing to cut deals at the end of the month is contingent upon the idea that a car dealership is behind on their monthly sales quotas. While we do try to meet monthly sales quotas, we don’t wait until the last minute to cut deals to meet that quota. Statistically speaking, a dealership has a better chance to meet a sales quota if they cut deals every day of the month versus the last week.

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