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Are Extended Warranties Worth It?

If you’re in the market for a new Kia Soul crossover or a pre-owned Kia Forte, you’ve probably come across extended warranty offers. While it sounds like a good deal on the surface, are extended warranties really worth it? Extended warranties are intended for Los Angeles drivers who intend to hold onto their vehicles for a long time to come. You’ll also want to consider a few more points as you decide whether or not an extended warranty is a good fit for your budget and lifestyle.

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What Is an Extended Warranty?

Many Carson car buyers are attracted to the offer of an extended warranty, but sometimes the right info is hard to find — which leaves you unable to decide, “Should I buy extended warranties?” Understandably, drivers want to be sure they’re getting a good deal before they sign on. An extended warranty is a coverage plan that provides additional maintenance coverage after your factory warranty expires. An extended warranty is generally a good call in the following circumstances:

  • You plan to keep your vehicle for the next ten years or more
  • You want to tack on additional safety services like roadside assistance and towing
  • You’ll be doing a lot of driving in and around the Carson area and want an extra safety net to cover unexpected hazards after you factory warranty expires

Kia already offers one of the best factory warranties in the auto business, so you know their vehicles are built to enjoy a long life. Kia’s standard factory warranty grants you:

  • Five-year/60,000-mile limited bumper-to-bumper coverage
  • Coverage on repairs to all the parts on a car that roll off of the assembly line

Extended Warranties for New & Used Vehicles

Both new and used vehicles are eligible for extended warranties, but the coverage will depend on the vehicle’s condition. Here are a few more factors you should consider as you decide whether to go with an extended warranty on your new or used vehicle:

  • New Vehicles
      • If you’re likely to replace your vehicle with a new model within the next 10 years, an extended warranty may not be worth the cost — as new vehicles are highly reliable. However, If you know you’ll keep the car for over 10 years, an extended warranty is the smart choice.
      • Before purchasing an extended warranty, you should learn about the factory warranty coverage for your new vehicle in detail. Kia offers extensive coverage that’s among the best you’ll find, so you might find that an extended warranty on your Kia isn’t necessary.
  • Used Vehicles 
    • When it comes to used vehicles, it all comes down to good maintenance and a reliable manufacturer. Before making a decision on a used vehicle, make sure it’s a model well-known for its reliability and quality construction, like the Kia Sorento. Take the vehicle in for an inspection and get an estimate on repairs. At Kia of Cerritos, we can take care of inspection right here at our Service Department.

Should I buy Extended Warranties?

We hope this guide helps clarify the question of whether extended warranties are worth it. To summarize, extended warranties are a smart investment for Orange County drivers purchasing a new vehicle, or used vehicle from a recent model year, that they intend to drive for at least the next ten years. If you;re the type of driver who appreciates extra peace of mind on the road from Cerritos to Orange County, then an extended warranty may be worth it.

Explore Flexible Financing and Extended Warranties with Kia of Cerritos

To find out more about extended warranties, stop by Kia of Cerritos to ask a financing expert, “Are extended warranties worth it?” Feel free to reach out with any other car-buying questions, and then check out our car-buying tips and guides, including a comparison of leasing vs. buying your next Kia vehicle.

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