What Does An Alternator Do?

Car Alternator

What does an alternator do? While many drivers think that your battery runs the electrical systems in your car, it’s actually the alternator that keeps it running. As you drive through Los Angeles, the alternator converts energy from your engine and uses it to charge the electrical system. A faulty alternator can cause serious problems throughout your car’s electrical and ignition systems, and may even prevent your car from starting. How much is an alternator if you need to install a replacement? Our team at Kia of Cerritos will help you learn more below.

What Does an Alternator Do and How Does it Work?

Your alternator is a mini-generator right under the hood of your new Kia! It runs off of the belt or chain that controls your engine’s combustion. This belt spins an assembly of copper and magnets, essentially turning it into an electromagnetic generator. This power is sent to your battery and keeps it charged.

Troubleshooting Your Alternator Issues

It can be hard to tell the difference between a bad alternator and a bad battery. If you jump start your car but it dies immediately after, you most likely have a problem with your alternator. What does an alternator do when it goes bad? A bad alternator can cause a range of frustrating issues when you head out for a drive in Carson. Watch for the following signs that it’s time to head to our Southgate service center for a new alternator:

  • The car starts reluctantly or not at all.
  • Your electronic devices aren’t charging.
  • You notice a burning rubber smell under the hood.
  • There’s a whining or screeching noise after the vehicle starts.
  • The headlights or interior lights are dim.
  • The battery dashboard warning light is on.

How Much Is an Alternator If I Need a Replacement? 

Different %%di_names%% models use different alternators, so it’s important to have our team help you ensure you have the right part. So how much is an alternator going to cost for your vehicle? Your owner’s manual should provide details on which alternator to order from your local Orange County dealership. Contact our service center for a free quote and to order genuine OEM parts online.

Find Expert Alternator Replacement Service in Cerritos

Now that you know how an alternator works, it’s time to schedule your auto service with our team! We’re standing by to help you solve any electrical problems your vehicle may be running into.

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