Coolant container in a car's engine bay

How to Check Coolant Level

All modern cars, crossovers, and SUVs use a water-cooled engine. That means your engine uses a mixture of water and engine coolant to keep your engine running at proper operating temperature. Needless to say, having the proper coolant level is essential if you want to make sure your vehicle runs strong for years to come. So, if you’re wondering how to check your coolant level, or even wondering “what IS coolant?” our team at Kia of Cerritos will help you out with our service tips!

What is Coolant?

Coolant is also known as antifreeze, and it courses through your engine in order to regulate running temperature. Regardless of your climate, coolant helps in cold weather as much as warm weather! However, on the streets of Southgate, you’ll be more concerned with its cooling abilities than its antifreeze capability. Also be sure to consider the following before you learn how to check your coolant level:

  • Important: Part of understanding the answer to “what is coolant?” means understanding what it’s supposed to look like. You want it to be blue, green, yellow, or red. If it’s tinted brown or appears to lack color, it’s time to flush it out and change it. In these instances, a Kia service center can help you out!

How to Check Coolant Level

Every three to six months of driving through Los Angeles and Carson streets, you should make sure that your oil is at the proper level, color, and consistency. Take the following steps to ensure that your oil is at the proper level for your vehicle:

  1. First, make sure your engine cools for at least 30 minutes if it’s been driven.
  2. Remove your radiator cap and check for exterior markings on the side of its reservoir. There should be a line that reads “FULL” that indicates the proper level of coolant.
  3. Check your coolant to see if it needs to be diluted or if it’s pre-mixed.
  4. While you’re already under the hood, be sure to inspect the hoses and the area around the radiator for leaks and/or damage. Any dry or cracked hoses should be replaced immediately.

Get More Service and Parts Help With Kia of Cerritos

Are you ready to take care of your coolant today? If you have any questions about how to check your coolant level, don’t hesitate to contact us online today! Our technicians will help you learn everything you need to know about taking care of your Kia car, crossover, or SUV for years to come.

Want to learn more? Be sure to read why there’s water leaking under your car or learn the difference between regular and premium gas.

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